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Chatbot Engineer

Transforming Talk Into Tech

Our Mission

Making a Difference in Communities:

The impact of becoming a no-code chatbot engineer goes beyond individual success. By empowering low-income individuals and those on public assistance, we’re fostering economic upliftment in distressed communities. Our graduates are not just securing better jobs; they’re becoming pioneers in the rapidly expanding field of Artificial Intelligence.

About The Program


Unlock Your Potential in Tech, No Degree Required

At Chatbot Engineer Academy, we believe in breaking barriers and building futures. Our innovative no-code chatbot development program is uniquely designed to democratize access to the burgeoning field of AI technology. Tailored for individuals from low-income backgrounds, our academy opens doors to the tech industry without the need for a college degree or prior coding knowledge.


A Transformative Four-Week Journey

  • Prompt Engineering: Master the art of crafting effective prompts to guide AI responses.

  • No-Code Chatbot Development: Learn to build sophisticated chatbots without writing a single line of code.

  • Job Readiness: Gain essential skills to navigate the tech job market confidently.

  • Entrepreneurship 101: Explore the fundamentals of starting your own venture in the tech space.


Shape Your Future Today!

Our intensive four-week program immerses you in the world of AI and chatbot technology, equipping you with skills that are in high demand in today's digital landscape.

At Chatbot Engineer Academy, your future in tech awaits. This is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a gateway to a new career path, a chance to make a significant impact, and a step towards financial independence.

Enroll now and be the change you wish to see in your community!

Winter Registration Is Now Open!

Inclusive and Accessible:

Our program is crafted with inclusivity at its core:

  • Prerequisites: Just bring your willingness to learn. Access to a computer and the internet is all you need to start.

  • Affordable Tuition: Priced at just $399 for the entire four weeks.

  • Special Offer for Public Assistance Recipients: If you are on public assistance, the cost is only $99 with a valid government assistance ID.

Our Vision

"In the next 12 months, Chatbot Engineer Academy envisions transforming the lives of 25,000 low-income individuals by equipping them with cutting-edge skills in no-code chatbot development. We are dedicated to creating a ripple effect of opportunity and empowerment, aiming to generate 25,000 new jobs in the field of AI and technology. Our mission goes beyond education; we strive to ignite a revolution in the tech industry, where economic background is no longer a barrier to success. By fostering an inclusive and diverse technological workforce, we aim to contribute significantly to reducing economic disparities and enhancing community resilience. Our vision is to see every one of our graduates not just as a job seeker, but as a pioneer in the tech industry, a beacon of hope and progress in their communities, and an integral part of building a more equitable future in the digital world."

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