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The Program

Chatbot Engineer Academy Program Description April 7-28, 2024


Pricing Structure:

  • General Public: The comprehensive four-week course is available for $399.

  • Public Assistance Offer: Individuals on public assistance can enroll for just $99, with proof of assistance required for eligibility.

Class Structure: The program is conducted over four weeks, with live virtual sessions of two hours each week. This format allows for real-time interaction and learning, providing an immersive and engaging educational experience.

Week-by-Week Breakdown:

Week 1: Understanding Chatbots and Becoming a Prompt Engineer

  • Focus: Introduction to the world of chatbots, their functions, and their impact on businesses and customer service.

  • Key Learning: The art of prompt engineering – understanding how to effectively communicate with and guide AI for optimal chatbot responses.

  • Outcome: Foundational knowledge of chatbots and skills in crafting effective AI prompts.

Week 2: Introduction to Chatbot Development

  • Focus: Delving into the basics of chatbot creation using no-code development tools.

  • Key Learning: Understanding the tools and platforms used in building chatbots, along with basic design and deployment principles.

  • Outcome: Ability to develop simple chatbots tailored for specific tasks or services.

Week 3: Chatbot Automation 102

  • Focus: Advanced techniques in automating chatbot functions for enhanced performance and user experience.

  • Key Learning: Exploring complex chatbot features like AI-driven responses, integration with databases, and handling varied user queries.

  • Outcome: Mastery in enhancing chatbot functionality and automating responses.

Week 4: The Path to a Career or Entrepreneurship

  • Focus: Exploring career opportunities as a Chatbot Engineer and pathways to entrepreneurship in the AI and chatbot field.

  • Key Learning: Job readiness skills, understanding the market demand for chatbot skills, and insights into starting a chatbot-related business.

  • Outcome: Preparedness for either embarking on a career as a Chatbot Engineer or launching an entrepreneurial venture in the field.

Overall Benefits:

  • Accessible Learning: The course is designed for individuals with no prior coding knowledge, making it accessible to a wider audience.

  • Economic Impact: Especially beneficial for those from low-income backgrounds, offering a gateway to lucrative careers in technology.

  • Flexible and Interactive: Live virtual sessions offer flexibility and direct interaction with instructors for an enhanced learning experience.

Join Chatbot Engineer Academy and embark on a transformative journey into the world of AI and chatbots, opening doors to new career paths and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Class Starts Sunday April 7-28, 2024 @3pm

**Note Billing Will Show Noise Media Network**

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