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UpSkill To UpLift Initiative, spearheaded by Audrey Bell-Kearney, President of the Gwinnett Women's Chamber of Commerce, is a groundbreaking program aimed at revolutionizing the job market for low-income individuals and those on public assistance. This initiative focuses on the power of upskilling, providing participants with the knowledge and tools to harness no-code technology for creating chatbots and digital content.

Targeting Unemployment: With unemployment figures in Georgia and across the United States remaining a concern, the initiative seeks to make a substantial impact. In Georgia alone, unemployment affects numerous individuals, and nationwide, millions are seeking job opportunities.

Upskilling for Empowerment: Participants in the UpSkill To UpLift Initiative will learn to leverage no-code tools, a field with a remarkably low barrier to entry, yet rich in opportunities. This upskilling endeavor opens doors to either secure employment in tech industries or launch entrepreneurial ventures, potentially leading to an economic surge in communities globally.

Inspirational Outcomes: The initiative not only aims to equip individuals with immediate skills but also to ignite a passion for further learning in the AI space. This could propel many into leadership and innovation roles within the tech industry, fostering a new generation of tech experts and entrepreneurs.


The Impact in Gwinnett County: As the second-largest county in Georgia, with over one million residents and more than 50,000 businesses, the potential impact of this initiative in Gwinnett alone is substantial. If just one percent of Gwinnett's population were to upskill through the Chatbot Engineer program and find employment or start a business, it would mean 10,000 individuals embarking on new, prosperous career paths.

The UpSkill To UpLift Initiative is more than a training program; it's a catalyst for change, driving economic growth and fostering innovation in communities, one upskilled individual at a time.


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